The first step of the ARG sequence.

The ARG Sequence is a sequence created by Kane Carter about decoding images and hints throughout the internet that will reveal the rest of the POPGOES lore.

First Step Edit

To decode the first step in the ARG sequence, one should tell that there is a Braille code on the left stream. If one could understand Braille, then the code will simply say Listenforclicks. A person can decode another hidden Braille message in the other stream. They should find it by going to Photoshop and will put color in the right stream; this will reveal the hidden code. It reveals a Twitter symbol, and the Braille code Allsetinstone.

AllsetinStone is a user on twitter. It shows a link to an image of the Second Step.

Second Step Edit


The second step of the ARG sequence.

To decode the next step, you must know Morse Code in lines and dots. The code will say ACQUIRE AUDIO. Upon darkening the image, one can spot 3R1FUW. This leads to a private Subreddit post about how many renders for the animatronics in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise and renders of Popgoes the Weasel. The 6 in the number of renders of Nightmare Fredbear leads to an image of the next step.

Third Step Edit


The third step of the ARG sequence.

The third step comprises of seemingly random letters, BNMUDQS SN QZV. One must solve it by using the caesar cipher, and shifting the letters once forward (Etc. If the letter is A, you must shift it to B).

Once having done this, you will get CONVERT TO RAW. N FNDR is not essential to the ARG sequence, as it simply spells out POPGOES. Upon brightening up the image, one can spot the letters OTQOKD.

OTQOKD or Purple appears to be a page on It is a blank page, but only shows an image of the fourth step.