The animatronics are the antagonists of POPGOES.

Animatronic List Edit

Popgoes the Weasel Edit

Popgoes is the restaurant's mascot and the singer of the band. During the gameplay nights, he will try to print all six parts of Blackrabbit: legs, arms, torso, and head. When all parts have been printed, Blackrabbit will become possessed and kill the player.

Blake the Badger Edit

Blake is the restaurant's mechanic and helper. During the gameplay nights, he will sit in the left view of The Desk, and occasionally move to the Server Room to drain power. If he is not stopped, the player's monitor and phone will turn off and they will eventually stop functioning from a panic attack.

Stone the Crow Edit

Stone is the restaurant's sign-holder, staying in the parking lot during the daytime. During the gameplay nights, he will stand directly outside the right view's window, which the player can look out of to reduce Panic. As he cannot physically move out of his cage, he only appears as a hallucination, either blocking the cameras when the player is panicking, or rapidly turning his head while the player is looking at the window, the latter of which will rapidly increase the Panic Bar.

Sara the Squirrel Edit

Sara is the bassist of the band, and the twin of Saffron. During the gameplay nights, she will crawl into the vents with Saffron and move around the building's perimeter to get to the vent in upper view and take the player's phone. When she does so, the player will be unable to change the camera view and their Panic will increase even when looking at the window. Eventually, the player will either stop functioning from a panic attack or be killed by Blackrabbit.

Saffron the Squirrel Edit

Saffron is the main guitarist of the band, and the twin of Sara. During the gameplay nights, she will follow the same movement path as Sara.

The BlackrabbitEdit

The Blackrabbit is a black version of Toy Bonnie made up of six parts that Popgoes will try to print during the night. It is implied that she is possessed by Bonnie Glade when all of her parts are gathered. She is the only enemy that can actually kill the player, as the other animatronics only cause them to temporarily lose connection from a panic attack.

Bonnie Glade Edit

A cut Toy Bonnie mask representing Bonnie Glade appears and crashes the game in Good Night when inputting "1987". This is similar to inputting "1987" FNaF1's Custom Night, where it causes Golden Freddy to crash the game.

Cyanide Edit

Cyanide appears and crashes the game in Good Night when inputting "2124", similarly to Golden Freddy in FNaF1.

Morse the Mole Edit

A cancelled animatronic featured in the Extras menu after beating the main six nights.

IMG 3102

Mole in popgoes extra menu

Trivia Edit

  • To be added when more trivia is found.

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