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Blake the Badger
Character Information
Species Animatronic European Badger
Gender Male
Power Color Yellow 34290834
Occupation Mechanic at Popgoes' Pizzeria
Starting location Dining Hall
First appearance First Night (Inactive but seen across the Dining Hall)
Third Night (Active)

Blake the Badger or just Blake is one of the six main antagonists in POPGOES. He is the mechanic of Popgoes Pizza.

Appearance Edit

Blake is a humanoid animatronic badger. His head has a strikingly similar appearance to Popgoes' head. His irises are yellow. He also has a big nose and snout, like Popgoes and a small grey tail poking out of his back.

Behaviour Edit

He will activate in the Third Night. Blake will start off the night sitting down at a desk facing away from the player. After a while, which depends on the night, Blake will start to progress to the Server Room. Once in there, he will start to hack into the building's system.

The player must now quickly look at the color of the screen on the right of the camera. The player must then quickly proceed to press the corresponding button on the board. After pressing the respective color, the player must press the Blake Button. After this, Blake will first stare to the player; the player must not stare at Blake back - and then Blake will then go back to his seat, where he will repeat this process all over again.

Extras Character File Edit

Blake the Badger is the mechanic and helper of the Popgoes Pizzeria. His design is inspired by the "European Badger". His palms have magnetic pads that help him hold WeaselWare phones and do... other things.
— Blake's character file

Trivia Edit

  • Blake is a European Badger.
  • It was rumored that Blake once didn't have a jumpscare.
    • This was later disproven by Dawko.
  • Blake's power colour is yellow.
  • During his jumpscare, Blake behaves much like a real-life badger, as opposed to using his hands as front legs.
  • Blake is one of the two artificial robots to have magnetic pad on his/its arm. The other is Strings (assumed).
  • Blake is made to fight the nightmares of the Mangle.
  • There is a glitch that causes Blake to appear "behind" the player. This was discovered by a famous YouTuber named Markiplier.
  • Blake's connection lost screen's det3 code is "mem_blake_342s".

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Blake's jumpscare