Douwe Heijmerink
Character Information
Known as What-The-Frog
Occupation Sprite Artist
Website Deviantart
Age 17-years old (Born 1999)
Douwe Heijmerink or What-The-Frog, is the Sprite Artist and the designer of POPGOES. He currently lives in the Netherlands, and was born in 1999.

Credits Reflection Edit

I'm super glad to be a part of this game. Working with the team was incredibly fun and Kane was the perfect person to lead it, always putting the game and its quality up front. While it may have been delayed a multitude of times, I think it was definitely worth it for the end result. With FNAF's popularity coming to an end, I hope people will be able to relive the experience through this little project!
— What-The-Frog

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