Were you looking for Grave Stone's counterparts; Stone the Crow, Gem Stone, or Lux Stone?
Rest in Peace - Jeremy Fitzgerald - Inventor, Caring Father, Coward
— Grave Stone's sign

Grave Stone
Character Information
Species Animatronic Gargoyle Crow
Gender Male
First appearance True Ending
POPGOES: Silent Night
Grave Stone is minor character in in POPGOES. He is unlocked after getting the True Ending, along with Simon and the Lux Animatronics. Grave Stone is the main and only antagonist of the now canceled POPGOES: Silent Night.

Appearance Edit

Grave Stone has the same physical appearance as Stone, but he appears to be made of stone and is a gargoyle instead. Unlike any of the animatronics, Grave Stone has no eyes, sharp teeth, and shows signs of decay. He also has no feet and numerous tears in his "suit". Two wings extend out from behind his back, which give him a angel-like look. He also carries around a sign that says: "Rest in peace - Jeremy Fitzgerald - Inventor, Caring Father, Coward".

Behavior Edit

Grave Stone flies around rooms in POPGOES: Silent Night. To win the night, the player should attempt to crush his limbs in certain rooms; like the Blackrabbit in reverse. They will only win the night if Grave Stone is destroyed.

Extras Character File Edit

Grave Stone's character profile doesn't feature any text; instead it shows an animation of him flapping his wings.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a pun on the word Gravestone.
  • Grave Stone has a relation with the Lux Animatronics and Simon.
  • Grave Stone's behavior was confirmed by Kane Carter on a Subreddit post.
  • According to Kane Carter's developer commentary, in the Grave Ending, Gem Stone transforms into Grave Stone. This is meant to be symbolic, in that Popgoes' Pizza had lost its innocence and "honorable company transparency" after Fritz Glade's death.

Extras Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

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