Jack Bradford
Character Information
Known as EverythingAnimations
Occupation Modeller
2D Artist
Website Deviantart
Age 16-years old (Born 2001)
Jack Bradford or better known by his internet name EverythingAnimation is a modeler and a sprite designer of POPGOES. He currently lives in Australia, and was born in 2001.

Credits Reflection Edit

POPGOES was certainly a fun experience and a joy to work on. While the time I spent on the team was somewhat short compared to the other developers, I still love knowing I left such a big impact on the game. Even after I left the development team, I still loved the surprise of teasers, the trailers, and the whole game in general. I loved the experience of POPGOES and I hope everyone that plays it will enjoy it as well!
— EverythingAnimations

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