Were you looking for his normal counterpart, Popgoes the Weasel?

Lux Popgoes
Lux Popgoes
Character Information
Species Animatronic Least Weasel
Gender Male
Power Color Green 3490
Starting location Main Hall
First appearance Fifth Night

Lux Popgoes is an easter egg and counterpart to Popgoes the Weasel. Like the other Lux Animatronics, he is a neutral character and will not attempt to attack the player.

Appearance Edit

Lux Popgoes is the Lux counterpart to Popgoes. He has the same physical appearance as Popgoes, but is entirely white with the exception of his joints and hat, which glow a florescent green. His eyes are completely white. He also appears to have a tail extending out behind his pelvis.

Like the other Lux animatronics, he has a permanent angered facial expression.

Similar to every animatronic, Lux Popgoes has four fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot.

Behaviour Edit

Lux Popgoes appears as an easter egg in the Main Hall, but unlike his normal counterpart, he does not affect night gameplay. He is a replacement of Simon in the Fifth Night.

Trivia Edit

  • Lux Popgoes' joints and hat are the same color as Popgoes' Power Color.

Gallery Edit