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Morse the Mole was set to be a mascot at Popgoes Pizza. He was also meant to be an antagonist in POPGOES. He could've be one of the main Animatronics.

Appearance Edit

Morse the Mole is a Mole with wings and lazers for hands, its unknown what its feet look like. He is speculated to appear in P2

He is a grayish color.

Extras Character Files Edit

Although Morse doesn't appear with the other animations itself, it appears in the unused content.

Trivia Edit

  • Morse Appears to have wings on his back, a bit like grave stone.
  • Morse can actually pull his arms in and produce lazers from them.
  • Morse may have originally put in the kitchen or in a game room.
  • It is unknown what gender Morse is.
  • Morse is based on the word Morse code

Gallery Edit

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