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Morse the Mole was set to be a mascot at Popgoes Pizza. He was also meant to be an antagonist in POPGOES. He could've been one of the main animatronics before being removed.

Appearance Edit

Morse the Mole is a Mole animatronic with a gray color and clawed feet similar to Blake. The joke version on the extras has him with wings and lasers for hands.

Extras Edit

Character Files Edit

Although Morse doesn't appear with the other animations itself, it appears in the unused content.

Trivia Edit

  • Morse's joke mod has ppears to have wings on his back, a bit like Grave Stone
  • Morse's joke form can actually pull his arms in and produce lazers from them.
  • Morse would have started in Blake's position and tear the floorboards.
  • Morse's name is based on the word Morse code
  • According the extra menu, he was replaced by Stone the Crow and Blake the Badger.
  • According to the fnaflore website his power color is orange which is Blake and Stones power colors combined.

Gallery Edit

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