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POPGOES: The Plastic Grave
Novel Information
Author Kane Carter
Illustrator PanDarcy
POPGOES: The Plastic Grave was originally a comic, but due to the illustrators trying to catch up to the author, the comic idea was scrapped and was moved onto a novel. It was eventually canceled.

Creators Edit

Author: Kane Carter

Illustrator: Pan Darcy

Plot Edit

Fritz Glade and something called Poppy are talking about Fritz's history. Fritz confirms that he was bitten by Toy Bonnie and had changed his name from Jeremy to Fritz out of embarrassment from the media.

Facts Edit

  • Kane Carter announced that The Plastic Grave would have nine chapters.
  • The original game was going to be the tenth chapter.
  • The eleventh chapter would be a separate POPGOES game called POPGOES: The Silent Night.
  • It would most likely have been centered around the toy animatronics and the animatronics of Popgoes Pizza.
  • The Plastic Grave may refer to the Blackrabbit, as Bonnie Glade died in the Blackrabbit.

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