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Character Information
Developer/s Phil Morg (Programming)
Kane Carter (Sprites and Music Composer)
Ryder Sinclair (Modelling)
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Release Date 01/04/2016 (April Fools Day)
Download Gamejolt
POPGOES ARCADE was an April Fools joke set up by Kane Carter and the POPGOES Team. ARCADE is a canon game connecting to the POPGOES storyline. ARCADE is a POPGOES parody of FNaF World.

Summary Edit

In POPGOES ARCADE, you play as a child. You’re not going to be killed by a mysterious man, you’re not going to be stuffed into a suit or given a mask to wear in purgatory. No. Today, you’re just going to play a damn game on a top-of-the-line Popgoes Pizzeria arcade machine. You’re going to play Weasel World. Your favourite.

But Weasel World feels… strange today. It plays the same, it looks the same, it… smells the same… But there’s just something wrong about it. And with your little hand at the joystick, you WILL find out what that something is. Until your parents come to pick you up, of course.

— Summary of POPGOES ARCADE.

Gameplay Edit


This will appear when the player presses the Play option.

The gameplay is basically like FNaF World. There is a normal ending and there is a secret ending involving the Blackrabbit. The normal ending is an ending where you can go through all the normal things in the arcade game and defeating King Cultivate. The secret ending, or called by some fans the SAVE BONNIE ending.

There are different shops through the map, the shops are run by the four main animatronics of POPGOES. Each shop offers the same items for different prices. The items are Pizza, Microphone and Healing. There are coins for the player to collect around the map. Each found randomly around the map, in a well and when defeating an enemy, you get rewarded with a certain amount of coins. Near shops are 3D-Printers, which act like save points. Enemies can attack the player suddenly; if the player doesn't react in time, the enemy can keep attacking the player until they get a game over screen. Stronger enemies usually have much more health and more attack power.

Items Edit

These items can be purchased in Shops around the map.

Items Cost Ability
Pizza Pizza 10 Coins One Healing Item
Microphone Microphone 30 Coins More Atk [Attack] Power
Health Health 20 Coins Increase Max Health

Enemy List Edit

Normal Enemies Edit

  • Dug, a dog and is a reference to Nikson's Doug the Dog from Those Nights at Rachel's and Dug the Dog from BFPFilms424's The Return to Freddy's 2.
  • Maplip, a multi-headed flower.
  • Toadallee, is a play-on-words on the syllables of Totally.
  • Stumped, is a mutant wooden stump.
  • Tester, a electrical-tailed monkey and is a reference to Emil Macko's Chester the Chimpanzee from Five Nights at Candy's.
  • BeeBee, which is a bee and is also a reference to Balloon Boy from FNaF.
  • Chip, a live chip with code numbers orbiting around it.
  • Bobby, a clown-like enemy.

Bosses Edit

  • Dumpty, a boss or also known as the bridge guard. He is the guard of the castle. He also references Flumpty Bumpty from One Night at Flumpty's.
  • King Cultivate, the final boss for the normal ending. The word Cultivate may reference farmers and harvesters.
  • Bonnie, is the final boss for the 'SAVE BONNIE' ending. She is a blue bunny head floating over a pile of chopped-off body parts. She is also the Blackrabbit herself.

Trivia Edit

  • Bonnie is a mysterious floating mask with amputated body parts around her.
  • Bonnie's murder is involved with an axe.
  • If the player is too slow to react to Bonnie, the Blackrabbit's hand will come out of the arcade screen, just before the game crashes.
  • POPGOES ARCADE focuses on Bonnie.
  • There appears to be a dreamcatcher on a tree according to one of the secret dialogues.
    • This may reference the Dreamcatcher Animatronics from POPGOES 2.
  • The most seemingly pointless dialogue talks about a playground being fun.

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