The Panic Bar.

The Panic Bar is one of the mechanics in POPGOES. It is vital in-game to keep this bar low. Whenever the bar fills up halfway, they will start to hallucinate. The Panic system can be seen on Strings' middle abdomen as a heartbeat monitor.

Advantages Edit

  • Looking at the Drive-Thru window will calm the player down
  • When the Panic Bar is at a high level, one can hear a flatline sound, warning the player.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Looking at an animatronic on camera or within your line-of-view will make the player panic.
    • This is also counted in Zoophobia, a challenge in Good Night.
  • Having Stone the Crow staring at the player through the window will make the player panic.
  • Having the phone snatched by Sara the Squirrel or Saffron the Squirrel and having the phone out of the player's hand will make them panic.
  • Constantly and rapidly flipping through cameras will cause the player to panic.
  • Incorrectly heating a vent or pressing a button will cause the player to panic.
  • Looking at hallucinations will cause the player to panic.
  • Having Blake to fully disable the Wi-Fi will make the player panic.
  • Having the Panic Bar full will cause the player to be jumpscared.

Trivia Edit

  • On the first night the Panic Bar doesn't begin to rise until Popgoes the Weasel leaves the stage.
  • There is a challenge in the Extras with a twist: when looking at the animatronics, your Panic Bar will come up. It is Zoophobia.
  • When the bar is full, the player will go into a panic attack, to which the lights will start to flicker and an Animatronic will jumpscare you.