Parking Lot
Room/Location Information
Type Parking Lot
Camera CAM 10
Animatronics/Robots Stone the Crow
The Parking Lot is an area outside of Popgoes' Pizza. It is also where Stone the Crow starts off the night. Stone doesn't do much activity on the camera itself.

The window is used to help the player calm down and to lower their Panic Bar.

Appearance Edit

The Parking Lot is seen through the Dining Hall window. Part of the Parking Lot can be seen through the window; Stone's Bird Cage, and the parking area. But on camera, it appears to be a larger parking lot that appears to have a fence around the perimeter. Stone stands in his Bird Cage with his grey eyelids closed.

Movement Edit

Stone himself will not become active physically. Instead, through the window, Stone will stare at the player with his red eyes, this action is a hallucination. Though, Simon can appear in the Parking Lot in the Third Night at 4AM. Lux Sara was also supposed to appear in the Parking Lot, but due to confusion, Lux Sara appears in the Birthday Room in the final game.

Trivia Edit

  • Stone can jump through the window to jumpscare you. This is demonstrated in the POPGOES Trailer.
    • This makes him the only animatronic to jump through an object.
  • Usually, most restaurant's street lights stay activated during the night.
  • Originally Stone had two turning renders. One where he would turn his head, and another where he would turn his entire body, holding the sign that then would say "It's Her".
  • There were several removed Toy Bonnie Easter Eggs which had him positioned extremely similar to Golden Freddy. One of them had him sitting in front of the window, and another had a giant cracked Toy Bonnie mask appear outside the window.
  • This is the only camera in POPGOES to show an outside.
  • This is one of the cameras to have only four renders of it. The other is the Employee Lounge.

In-game Edit