Parts & Services
Room/Location Information
Type Storage
Camera CAM 8
Blackrabbit Piece Head
The Parts & Services is an area things are stored in. It appears that it is connected to the Party Room.

Appearance Edit

Like the rest of the place, the Parts & Services sports checkered black and white patterns on the floor. In the middle of the floor lies a 3D-Printer. A few boxes and a shelf lie around the room. Many wires dangle from the ceiling which cover and drape onto some objects.

There are two vent entrances on the wall. It looks like as if lit up on the inside. It may just be the lighting.

Movement Edit

Popgoes will appear here about to get the Blackrabbit's head by making a grabbing posture. Sara and Saffron will pass through here in the vents crawling. Though Saffron is hidden behind the 3D Printer. Stone and Gem Stone can appear here as well holding up their signs.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the six rooms to be shown in POPGOES: Silent Night.

In-game Edit