The texture displayed when a room is shut down.

The Room Shutdown Button is one of the mechanics in POPGOES. It is vital in-game, as it is the only way to stop Popgoes the Weasel from building the Blackrabbit on the 3D-Printers. The room shutdown button is only seen on certain cameras, those being the Art Room, Birthday Room, Arcade Room, Kitchen, Party Room, and the Parts & Services rooms. If any of these rooms are shut down, an X on a red square will appear on the corresponding camera button on the phone to show it is inactive.

Upon shutdown, the camera of the affected room will display white text. At the top will read a string of text. That has the format of:

Camera Name // cam #

After that are three constant lines of text, followed by a gap and a fourth line of text, which reads:





Should Popgoes be in the room, another string of text will appear under security.cam_error. It reads:


Text Edit

Phone Textures Edit

The audio that plays when on a shutdown camera.


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