Ryder Sinclair
Born in the USA
Character Information
Known as Gunkystuff
Occupation Modeller
Age 15 years-old (Born in 2001)
Residency USA
Ryder Sinclair or otherwise known as Gunkystuff is one of the modellers and the animator of POPGOES and is the only modeller for POPGOES ARCADE. He is confirmed to be the modeller of Simon. Ryder is 15 years-old and was born in 2001. He currently lives in the USA.

Credits Reflection Edit

Working on POPGOES has been great. It's a very cool thing. Meeting and working with all the people on the team has been pretty cool, and I hope everyone enjoys the game and appreciates what has been put into it. It's definitely taken a while, but I think the final product has been worth the wait.
— Gunkystuff

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