Were you looking for Stone's gem counterpart, grave counterpart, or his lux counterpart?

Walk-In Entrance
— The original inscription upon the sign.

Stone the Crow
Character Information
Species Animatronic Carrion Crow
Gender Male
Power Color Red Red
Occupation Sign Holder
Starting location Parking Lot (In his Bird Cage)
First appearance Any Night (Camera Hallucination)
Fourth Night (Window Hallucination)

Stone the Crow or just Stone is one of the six main antagonists in POPGOES.

Appearance Edit

Stone is a humanoid animatronic crow. His main color is dark blue. He has a grey beak and red irises. He appears to be holding a sign with the usual Walk-In Entrance and Drive-Thru.

Behaviour Edit

Stone starts off the night by standing still near the Drive-Thru window, facing away from the player. He will not physically leave the Drive-Thru., but hallucinations of him will start appearing as the player's Panic Bar gets higher. This means the higher the Panic Bar is, the more Stone appears on the cameras.

On Night 4 and beyond, Stone will start to stare at the player every time the player tries to calm down by looking at the window. If the player's Panic Bar reaches to the maximum while the player's looking at the window, Stone will leap through the window and jumpscare the player. Stone's game over screen will appear shortly after. 

Extras Character File Edit

Stone the Crow is a sign-holder who stays outside the Popgoes' Pizzeria. His design is inspired by the Carrion Crow. Stone isn't connected to anything at all. If you see him moving, you're hallucinating!
— Stone's Character File.

Quotes Edit

We Think. We care.
— Sign in Party Room
You are too late.
— Sign in Employee Lounge
His name is Fritz.
— Sign in Parts & Services
Everything is okay.
— Sign in the Kitchen
You should panic.
— Sign in the Main Hall
You don't need that phone.
— Sign in the Art Room
He lied to you.
— Sign in the Server Room
We will kill you.
— Sign in the Bithday Room
I am here.
— Sign in the Arcade Room

Trivia Edit

  • When Stone's teaser is brightened, it reveals hidden words 'Please Lie', referencing his behavior.
  • Stone the Crow is a play-on-words of 'Stone the Crows!' meaning an exclamation of incredulity or annoyance.
    • This refers to how often he appears on the screen and obstructing the views of every room.
  • In his jumpscare, Stone jumps through the window, as crows can fly through windows when left ajar.
  • Stone's hallucination can appear anywhere except the vents and the Parking Lot camera.
  • Stone is the only animatronic with more than two counterparts, having a total of 3. They are Gem Stone, Grave Stone and Lux Stone.
  • Stone is the only animatronic animal without a tail.
  • Stone's connection lost screen's det3 code is "mem_stone_526s".

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