The Toy Animatronics são personagens secretos que aparecem raramente em POPGOES . São os pesadelos de Fritz . A Animatronics of Popgoes 'Pizza foi originalmente feita para repelir o Toy Animatronics da mente de Fritz.

Todos eles aparecem em Five Nights em Freddy's 2 como antagonistas. Todos são animatronics neutros e não atacam o jogador.

Toy Bonnie
Character Information
Species Animatronic Rabbit
Gender Male
Occupation Hallucination
Former entertainer
Starting location Unknown
Ornament Popgoes the Weasel
Toy Bonnie is the animatronic that had bitten Fritz as explained in POPGOES: The Plastic Grave. Popgoes the Weasel was created to destroy Toy Bonnie's nightmares from Fritz's mind. He appears briefly in the Minigames of POPGOES.

Bonnie Glade was named after Toy Bonnie, as Fritz had wanted to love that name again.

Appearance Edit

He have a aparence more realistic in comparison with the FNaF 2. Toy Bonnie resembles his FNaF 2 model; with his green irises and tinted light blue plastic skin. He has long rabbit ears erecting high above his head. Toy Bonnie has rosy cheeks that mark him as one of the Toy Animatronics. He sports a pair of jet black eyebrows atop dark purple eyelids with pointed eyelashes.

Toy Bonnie has a white-colored snout with his nose erected. Positioned on his cheek are black freckles. He has large front upper teeth and small lower teeth on both of his jaws, which resemble a rabbit. Under Toy Bonnie's chin is a red bow tie.

Behavior Edit


Role in The Plastic Grave and in POPGOES Edit

He only appears on one page biting Fritz on the head. Fritz later names his daughter after Toy Bonnie. In the minigames of POPGOES, he is shown to be destroyed in Fritz's mind by Popgoes.

Trivia Edit

  • Fritz names his daughter Bonnie after Toy Bonnie.
  • He is shown to be connected to Popgoes.
    • That is because of how similar Popgoes is to Toy Bonnie in appearance.

Toy Freddy
Character Information
Species Animatronic Bear
Gender Male
Occupation Hallucination
Former entertainer
Starting location Arcade Room
Ornament Saffron the Squirrel
Toy Freddy is minor Toy Animatronic in POPGOES. He doesn't have much of a role in the lore except to be a nightmare in Fritz's mind. Toy Freddy can be seen in POPGOES 2 as a spotlight mask.

Appearance Edit

Toy Freddy resembles his FNaF 2 model; he sports blue eyes and brown textured skin which reflects on the light. Like all other Toy Animatronics, Toy Freddy has rosy cheeks. He has a top hat with a red stripe upon his head.

Behavior Edit

Toy Freddy only appears in the Arcade Room as a Hallucination and Easter Egg before disappearing after a few seconds.

== Trivia ==

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