The Toy Animatronics Are easter eggs that appear in POPGOES . They are Fritz's Nightmares . The Animatronics of Popgoes 'Pizza were originally made to repel the toy animatronics nightmares from Fritz.

They Firstly appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 as antagonists, where you had to use a empty freddy mask to avoid they stuff you in a freddy suit.

Toy Foxy/Funtime Foxy Edit

Toy Foxy appears on CAM-07/ server room when blake isnt on it, but with a low chance of appearing.

He appearance is "The Mangle" But fixed up, with a purple shirt and pink bowtie.


Toy Foxy as she appears on the room.

  • Its the only toy model that doesnt resemble his FNAF2 Model.

Toy Chica Edit

Toy chica appears on CAM-06, With a low chance, and only if Popgoes isnt on the room.

She resembles his FNAF2 Model, beak, pink cheeks and yellow fur.


Toy Chica as she appears in the room

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