Unused Content is a page for props and objects that are not used for POPGOES and lore related projects. Some of these may be found in the Extras Menu, while most can be found here.


An abandoned 2015 version of the POPGOES lore. This has been abandoned due to change of lore. POPGOES '16 is the present version.

Minimap Concepts


First concept

There are about two concepts of the WeaselWare Phone which do not appear in the final game. Both of them differ from each other. The first is a Five Nights at Freddy's styled camera map; the map also appears to be on its side. The second one shows where the cameras are positioned. Though, the only camera that is not positioned as it is in the final game is CAM 8 (Storage Area). Cam 10 (The Parking Lot) doesn't have an appearance.

London Bridge Wallpaper


This wallpaper was planned to release right after POPGOES was released. It was supposed to represent Fritz Glade and Michael Schmidt Jr's connection broken. Thus, London Bridge comes falling down.

Popgoes' Pizza Menu


Before the WeaselWare mainmenu was thought up, the POPGOES team got the idea that the main menu should be a real menu. But as a new member of the team arrived, they had to remodel the menu a few times before scrapping it.

Morse the Mole

Main Article: Morse the Mole

An animatronic that was originally set to appear in the game but was scrapped.

Blackrabbit's Ending


The Blackrabbit's sprite.

This is an old sprite of the Blackrabbit's ending. Not much is known about it except that it crumbles apart and releases Bonnie Glade's soul.