Were you looking for her normal counterpart? Or perhaps Bonnie Glade, the person who possesses the Blackrabbit?

Character Information
Species Animatronic Rabbit
Gender Female
Starting location Behind you
First appearance Sixth Night

Whiterabbit, or often called by some fans as Lux Blackrabbit, is the Lux counterpart to Blackrabbit. However, she does not attack the player in any way.

Appearance Edit

Whiterabbit is the Lux counterpart to Blackrabbit. She has the same physical appearance as Blackrabbit, but is entirely white; she also has white florescent joints and white dots for eyes.

Unlike the other Lux animatronics, she has a permanent smile.

Similar to every animatronic, Whiterabbit has four fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot.

Behaviour Edit

Whiterabbit appears as an easter egg behind the player, but unlike her normal counterpart, she does not affect the gameplay except helps to rise the player's Panic Bar. She replaces Simon in the Sixth Night.

Trivia Edit

  • Whiterabbit's color scheme is inverted.
  • Kane Carter stated in a Subreddit post that Whiterabbit's image render is twice the size it should be. [1]
  • Kane Carter confirmed in a Subreddit comment that Whiterabbit's canon name is Whiterabbit and not Lux Blackrabbit as many thought [2]
  • Whiterabbit was created in January 2016 sometime before FNaF World was released and revealed an enemy character with a similar name.
  • She is the only Lux Animatronic to not have an angered expression.
  • Her white pupils seem to float within her eye-socket.
  • She Is the only Lux animatronic not to have the word Lux in her name

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